Individually Managed Portfolios / Accounts (IMA)

Eligible wholesale investors (ie individuals, trusts or organisations investing more than $5m) can have their portfolio customised and tailored to their own needs by the Infinitas team.

Infinitas offers individually managed portfolios of:

  • Australian and International Shares
  • Income-Focused Investments
  • Socially Responsible Portfolios
  • Cash and Term Deposits
  • Agricultural assets & land
  • Direct Real Estate

For investors with between $1m and $5m to invest, we offer separately managed accounts (SMA).


Q. What is the difference between an SMA and an IMA?

The key difference between a separately managed account (SMA) and an individually managed account (IMA) lies in their different approach to building an investment portfolio.

SMAs are constructed on a model portfolio basis, where each investor receives exactly the same portfolio based on a master portfolio assembled by the fund manager.

IMAs are constructed individually for each investor, although each account shares some common holdings.

Infinitas offers both IMAs and SMAs.

Q. What are the advantages of an IMA over a SMA?

An IMA allows for a portfolio to be tailored to the investor’s tax circumstances.

For instance, new investors in a SMA may have bought stocks that have already enjoyed most of their returns, but remain in the model portfolio to avoid realising capital gains tax.  IMA investors however will receive a portfolio that is assembled incrementally, as attractive opportunities develop.

Another example is that an IMA may place more weight on generating franked dividends for a self-managed super fund, while long term capital appreciation is more valuable for a higher marginal tax rate account.

Q. Can I bring my existing portfolio and investments into an IMA?

Yes, you can bring your existing portfolio and investments into an IMA