Why Us

A Safe pair of hands

While our decisions are conservative, the returns are not – our performance to date is highly competitive. We are mindful that the first priority of our clients is to not lose any capital; the second is to grow it, and the third is to grow it well.

Old heads on young shoulders

We have considerable experience in the frontline of portfolio and client management during the most financially challenging events in recent times. Infinitas was established in 2008 amidst of the Global Financial Crisis. The team has also worked through every financial & political crisis in the last 20 years.

Access to senior people and continuity of service

The principals are directly available to you, which makes us extremely proactive in the management of your financial affairs. Your affairs, your goals, and the way you like to be serviced is not lost in translation, as can often happen at larger firms. We are able to do this because we work with a limited number of clients.

Robust decision-making process

We take a collaborative approach to investment choices. Our advisory and investment committee is a unified team, and our business is built around the outcomes of our discussions of the markets and specific investment ideas. We rigorously debate our portfolio decisions. This open and collegiate environment makes the team as a whole more intuitive and able to anticipate changes in market trends well in advance of the news.

Skin in the game

Our personal success is closely tied to that of our clients. As principals of Infinitas, we invest our own money alongside our clients. We do not run principal positions and are therefore 100% focused on the interests of our clients above all else.

Philanthropic purpose

We believe that investment management should be about values and not just valuations. Our values, and those of our clients, are reflected in our investments.

Infinitas and its staff support a number of not-for-profits including A Start in Life, Bravehearts and Oscar’s Law.


Dane Pymble

Dane has over 13 years experience in investment markets across a variety of roles and responsibilities including research, portfolio management, client service and compliance. Through his front and back office experience, Dane is able to understand the needs of clients and combine that with his in-depth knowledge of the systems and processes involved in efficiently delivering those services to them.

Dane is a co-founder of Infinitas Asset Management and has been a part of Infinitas’ Investment Committee since the company’s inception in 2008. In this role Dane focuses his research on the long cycles, in particular the land price cycle, in identifying investment opportunities that fit our thematic. Dane also is responsible for technical overlays we apply to the entry and exit of positions within the portfolio. In discussing his views on markets, Dane favours the dialectic method – a discourse between two or more people holding differing points of view about a subject but wishing to establish the truth through reasoned arguments.

Prior to joining Infinitas, Dane held various roles within BT Private Portfolio Management, including being a member of the Investment Committee for the Australian Equities component of the division’s Individually and Separately Managed Account portfolios.

Dane values trust, candour and reasoned discourse and seeks those that exhibit those qualities.

Key areas of interest are:

Market cycles, in particular the land & commodity cycles
Global & Industry thematics & emerging trends
Long term Interest Rates & their impact on equity & property values

Bernard Gresser

Bernard has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, primarily being focused on portfolio development & management.

Bernard joined Infinitas in 2013 and has been part of the Investment Committee & Board of Directors since that time.
As part of the Investment Committee Bernard brings his special talent of identifying opportunities derived from mis-pricing of assets and securities. Bernard is also key to applying key themes of a domestic and international political nature to portfolios.

Prior to joining Infinitas, Bernard spent 17 years at Macquarie Bank, being one of the first members of Macquarie’s Private Wealth division.  During that time, Bernard was responsible for $100mil+ of funds under management.

Bernard’s views are highly sought after; he writes columns for many industry publications, providing real time insights that are applicable to readers.

Key areas of interest are:

Geo-political impact on markets.
Impact of technology breakthroughs on incumbent industries.
Emerging consumer trends.

What Drives Us