Investment & Wealth Advice for Individual and Families

For Individual and Families, we offer Investment & Wealth advice that takes a comprehensive (holistic) approach to developing and implementing strategies to achieve your goals, protecting and growing your wealth whilst managing risk. We work closely with your other advisors such as accountants and tax planners to ensure a holistic and optimal solution.

You can rely on us to make careful decisions, based on 35 combined years of experience through turbulent markets, and drawing on the collective brainpower of our advisory and investment committee. Also, your success is our success; we invest our own money alongside our clients, and we do not run principal positions. You can also be confident of access to our senior people and continuity of service, given the boutique nature of our offering and personalised approach. Read more about why clients choose to work with us here.

Clients with over $1m to invest can benefit from our advice and cost effectiveness of our separately managed accounts (SMA). See our SMA FAQ.

Clients with over $5m to invest are well suited for our individually managed accounts (IMA).

Investors with under $1m to invest can take advantage of our highly competitive SMAs through their advisors on the Macquarie Wrap, SmartWrap & Emerald Wrap platforms.